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The Forest – v0.44b + v0.44c Hotfix veröffentlicht

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Das Hotfix v0.44b + v0.44c behebt den Bug im VeganMode. Zudem werden einige Controller Fehler behoben. Mehr Details im Hotfix Changelog.

Hotfix v0.44b Changelog:

  • Fixed animals not spawning in vegan mode
  • Fixed selecting ghost in book with a gamepad using “Build” or “Take” action instead of “Fire1” wrongly placing ghost even if not meeting requirements, allowing for example to place rope on ground
  • Fixed bug preventing to change gamepad input mappings
  • Fixed cave climbing axe not functioning

Hotfix v0.44c Changelog:

  • Fixed dropping meat leaving a broken unusable view in inventory
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed swapping ghost tree structure as client causing it to be grabbed by host even if far away

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