Syncthing stable Release 0.14.27

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Das Entwicklerteam der P2P Synchronisationssoftware von Dateien und Ordner, Syncthing, hat gestern die neue Version 0.14.27, veröffentlicht. Das geplante Release bringt 6 Änderungen und behebt Fehler.

Syncthing Release Notes Version 0.14.27

Resolved issues since v0.14.26:

  • #219: Devices can now have a list of allowed subnets (advanced config)
  • #234: The transfer rate units can now be changed by clicking on the value
  • #1819: UI text explaining “Introducer” is improved
  • #2267: Advanced config editor can now edit lists of things
  • #2519: Directories created for new folders now obey the user umask setting (on Unixes)
  • #4053: Incoming index updates are consistency checked better

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