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Supermarket Simulator Update

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Entwickler Nokta Games hat ein Update für den Supermarket Simulator veröffentlicht.

Supermarket Simulator Patch-Notes:


  • Modified restockers to take boxes from the ground too
  • Added more sections for the storage area


  • Added renaming the supermarket
  • Added changing the position of the entrance
  • Painting the walls and the floor
  • ew shelves-fridges-freezers & color variations


  • Optimization
  • Added a large rack
  • Changed the small rack model
  • Separated the storage’s light control
  • Edited product placement in boxes to see the last product in the box easily
  • Visual bug fixes
  • Added placement zone to spotlights
  • Fixed customers paying less than they should
  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck on navigation
  • Fixed loan payments are sent even after paid off early or completed

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