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ISPconfig Bugfix und Feature Release 3.2.12

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Das beliebte Multi-Server-Control-Panel ISPConfig erhielt vor wenigen Tagen das Update 3.2.12. Dieses behebt Fehler, und für den Commandline Befehl ispc ein, Infos unten, außerdem läuft ISPconfig als UI nur noch ab PHP Version 7.0.

ISPconfig 3.2.12 Release Notes


  • Added Ubuntu 24.04 support
  • PHP 5.6 and older is no longer supported for the ISPConfig UI and ISPConfig scripts. All system with ISPConfig 3.2.12 and up shall have PHP 7.0 or newer as system default. You can still use PHP 5.6 (or older PHP versions) as additional PHP version for your websites.
  • The PHP OpenSSL module must be installed for the system default PHP version.
  • Added a new command ispc to help with some simple administration tasks like updating, changing the password for a user, etc. Run ispc -h to view all available commands. We will continue adding modules to this command.
  • Instead of changing the log level for a server through the UI, you can now run the script manually with the `–debug` option to run the script in debug mode once.
  • Fixed several deprecation warnings that showed on systems using PHP 8 as system default.


  • The API now throws an error when passing a invalid client ID instead of leaving the sys_userid and sys_groupid columns empty.


  • The backup interval for the database can now be configured per database.


  • The default RBL configuration is now empty.


  • Fixed several issues that occured when importing a DNS zone.
  • Added to the pre-configured Certificate Authorities that are available when creating a CAA record.

You can see the full changelog here:

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