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Sophos XG Firewall 17.5.4 MR4

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Sophos hat seine XG-Firewall aktualisiert und die neue Firmware 17.5.4 MR4 veröffentlicht.

Sohos SF 17.5 MR4-1 ( Release Notes

New Features

  • Backup Encryption – Encryption of backup files can now use a personal password key for enhanced security.
  • Certificates – Ability to upload and use an EC certificates as the HTTPS scanning CA.
  • Chromebook Authentication – There\u2019s now an option to generate the application configuration file from within the XG Firewall console to import into GSuite. It can be found under Authentication > Services > \u201cDownload GSuite App Config\u201d.
  • Notification – Improved and expanded firewall notification via email.
  • PIM-SM – Added GRE and RED interface support for PIM-SM.
  • Web – Support for DHE key exchange cipher suites with HTTPS scanning.

Behobene Probleme

  • NC-45246 [IPsec] Sophos Connect Client does not get DNS server after update to SF 17.5 MR4.

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