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Sons of the Forest Update 1.0 Hotfix

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Entwickler Endnight Games hat einen Hotfix für Version 1.0 von Sons of the Forest veröffentlicht.
Mehr Informationen findet ihr in den Patch-Notes.

Sons of the Forest Patch-Notes:

Hotfix 1

  • Fixed issue where you could get into a broken state pick up a log while entering water with specific timing
  • Fixed Artifact UI counts not being show in inventory
  • Fixed weather occlusion system not working for multiplayer clients after completing a ghost construction
  • Fixed oysters in the ocean spoiling before being picked up
  • Added failsafe to potentially prevent freeze during loading screen
  • Fix for ammo boxes duplicating on shelves
  • Fix for Timmy t-pose for client if they loaded in to game during boss fight
  • Fixed radio effect staying on if push to talk was held

Hotfix 2

  • Fixed an issue where some GPU’s could get stuck on loading a new or saved game.

Hotfix 3

  • Fixed issue with rope interaction breaking after using a short rope.
  • Fixed bug with binding for new actions not working after update.
  • Added some additional credits
  • Fixed defensive wall sometimes snapping to wrong object when placing on locations with overlapping cliff and terrain
  • Fixed Ancient Armour pickup not working if you have already collected a specific Artifact piece

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