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Sons of the Forest Update 1.0 Hotfix

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Entwickler Endnight Games hat weitere Hotfixes für Version 1.0 von Sons of the Forest veröffentlicht.
Mehr Informationen findet ihr in den Patch-Notes.

Sons of the Forest Patch-Notes:

Hotfix 4

  • Fixed some new achievements not triggering correctly
  • Fixed some additional issues with head trophies visuals not matching for late joining clients
  • Fixed a bug with dismantling apex elements when it should be prevented
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some radios to duplicate
  • Fixed some objects getting snow while indoors

Hotfix 5

  • Fixed a visual issue that would cause screen artifacts near the landed helicopter.

Hotfix 6

  • Reduced volume of bat audio
  • Fix for locked inputs after quitting to main menu in golf cart
  • Re-enabled AddCharacter, AddPrefab and Goto commands
  • Fixes for some contexts where defensive walls and locked structures still allowed enemies to path inside while player sleeps

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