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Sons of the Forest Patch

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Entwickler Endnight Games hat ein kleinen Patch für Sons of the Forest veröffentlicht.
Mehr Informationen findet ihr in den Patch-Notes.

Sons of the Forest Patch-Notes:


  • Added ability for Kelvin to get into golf carts
  • Added seat occupied indicators for golf carts
  • Added new Armor type
  • Auto foundation now allows snapping at various heights instead of only the highest


  • Arrows and spears are now easier to collect after thrown or shot
  • Gps tracker will now correctly align to player direction (i.e. when using the glider)
  • Players can now carry 16 bones
  • Improved Timmy run animations and added Muddy cannibal sleeping animations and 180 turn on rock for male cannibals
  • Raccoon’s will now trigger some trap types and eagles will now sometimes grab fish out of water
  • Balanced fire torch
  • Improved performance of effects when plater is active


  • Fixed case where golf cart particles could cause visual distortion
  • Fix for knife equip when waking up under water
  • Fixed some keyboard keys displaying name incorrectly in some languages
  • Blocked mounting knight V while healing from downed state in multiplayer
  • Fixed Knight V tire decal disappearing when dismounted
  • Fixed a bug when trying to sled in ice caves
  • Fixed canvas scaling for save game menu on dead screen
  • Fix for HUD coming back when pressing esc after quitting
  • Fixed a case of auto foundation placement being blocked when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed various beams linking and dismantling issues
  • Fixed case where eagle could visually pop on landing
  • Add splash sound on killer whale jump
  • Increased cooldown on bat scare inside caves
  • Fix decapitated carried cannibals not hiding their facial deformations
  • Improved chopper rotation for clients in multiplayer games
  • Improved moose path following issues and interruption issues
  • Fixed issue were projectiles like spears could hit and be blocked by player hands
  • Kelvin will now drop carried items when forced into sleep state when player sleeps
  • Fixed shark missing some audio events
  • Fixed seagull missing transition from “eat” to “fly”
  • Fixed seagull sometimes falling through collision after landing
  • Add raccoon ragdoll audio for thump on ground falling out of tree dead
  • Fixed wooden crate position popping on break
  • Fixed boat engine missing audio for impact/slide
  • Wall will need 4 door cuts instead of 3 to be considered passable by ai actors
  • Fix cannibals often looking away at other cannibals when taunting a bound player
  • Fix case where Virginia or Kelvin could be stuck in place swimming after jumping into water
  • Fix case where Kelvin could be stranded if he somehow got very far off the NavMesh
  • Fix for zipline blocker at Bunker Residential and Bunker Entertainment exits
  • Fix for some holes in Cave C collision meshes
  • Removed a few trees in rocks above Cave B entrance

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