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Sons of the Forest Patch

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Entwickler Endnight Games hat ein kleinen Patch für Sons of the Forest veröffentlicht.
Mehr Informationen findet ihr in den Patch-Notes.

Sons of the Forest Patch-Notes:


  • Fixed chainsaw revved audio stuck on for other clients after ground attack
  • Fixed priest outfit showing low resolution texture in inventory and grab-bag
  • Fix for bushes and plants sometimes not saving their state when saving on host
  • Fix for the log sleds main storage interactions turning back on for all item types when the player leaves the sleds LOD range and then moves back within range
  • Fixed issue for clients with items cooking directly on the fire still making sizzling sounds after the fire had gone out
  • Fixed picking up and replacing spear trap putting it into a bad state that wont fire automatically
  • Fixed cut and place plank animation hanging while building some structures if next build input is timed a certain way
  • Fixed prompt mode for cut actions applying IK to left hand if an item is equipped
  • Fixed player equipping stick when lifting corners of tarps with ‘skip animations’ option is enabled
  • Fix for black screen and errors that can be triggered when pausing in water
  • Fix for underwater rendering missing or flickering in some parts of streams
  • Fixed player stashing and reequipping left handed items when placing a stick post or tarp or cutting logs or planks
  • Fixed held ranged weapon firing when propping tarps if ‘skip animations’ option is enabled
  • Fix for stumps cleared by Kelvin not breaking for MP clients when host is far away
  • Fix for case where stumps remained if broken by another player in MP when player is far away
  • Fixed a transition issue with climbing down ropes right after running
  • Fixed guitar animation playing for too long during one of the riffs
  • Fixed placing standing stick IK and polish
  • Moose will now transition smoothly to death animation when killed while sitting down
  • Fix for stars looking stretched in one corner of the map

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