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Sons of the Forest Patch 13 Hotfix

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Entwickler Endnight Games hat zwei Hotfixes für den Patch 13 von Sons of the Forest veröffentlicht.
Mehr Informationen findet ihr in den Patch-Notes.

Sons of the Forest Patch-Notes:


  • Fixed some issues with Z-fighting in book
  • Fixed placing convex corner tarp on beams directly on the ground not working
  • Improved visibility of light leading the way to cave b extension
  • Removed aipause, aighost and cavelight from release builds


  • Fixed some unique items reappearing when already owned
  • Fixed some issues with planks in cave B not being disabled correctly
  • Fixed breaking some stumps spawning tarp pickups
  • Increased damage on multi-trap
  • Fixed Greg cannibal having a white face mask
  • Lowered speed of new cannibal Henry slightly
  • Fixed issue with Henry being overly aggressive when player tries to retrieve backpack
  • Re-added cave light debug command but with new visual settings that don’t break cave visuals

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