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RSpamd 3.4 Feature und Bugfix Release

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Die Open-Source Lösung zur Bekämpfung von Spam, Junk, Phishing und sonstigen unerwünschten E-Mails, erhielt das Update 3.4. Dies ist hauptsächlich ein Bugfix Release, dass einige Features bringt und zur Stabilität der Antispamsoftware bei trägt.

RSpamd 3.4 Release Notes

Main changes

Sharing hyperscan database among Rspamd processes

Hyperscan databases are now shared between all Rspamd processes reducing memory footprint, especially when multiple worker processes are running.

Critical fix in the compatibility with the integrations and headers alterations

There was a critical compatibility issue, caused by the change in the milter_headers reply block that prevents some Rspamd integrations to be functional. In this release that issue has been fixed, and the compatibility with the previous output format has been restored.

Fix additional fields in the Redis schema

Some fields were no longer accepted in Redis settingsissue. Now it works correctly.

All significant changes

  • [Feature] Milter_headers: Add x-rspamd-action routine
  • [Feature] Share hyperscan database among processes
  • [Fix] Another corner case in url parsing
  • [Fix] Another fix for the enable password
  • [Fix] Another try to fix close method in lua_tcp
  • [Fix] Fix emoji joiner FP
  • [Fix] Fix favicon.ico Content-Type header
  • [Fix] Fix hang when close is used
  • [Fix] Lua_tcp: Sigh, another try to fix close invocation
  • [Fix] Mx_check: Cache the fact of a missing MX record
  • [Fix] Try to fix parsing of the unencoded > characters in html attributes
  • [Fix] Try to fix the case where password == enable_password
  • [Project] (Re)implement hyperscan caching
  • [Project] Rework cleanup
  • [Project] Synchronize hyperscan caches via the main process
  • [Rework] Convert multipattern to use hyperscan tools
  • [Rework] Make http normalize path function a generic function
  • [Rework] Split locked and unlocked files, as mmap does not need flock normally
  • [Rework] Start movement of the hyperscan related routines into a single unit
  • [Rework] Store the current worker, so other libraries could use this information
  • [Rework] Use blocking socket for IPC between main and workers
  • [Rework] Use more predictable size for commands buffers
  • [Rules] Do not insert ONCE_RECEIVED_STRICT on RDNS missing
  • [Rules] Reduce score of HTTP_TO_HTTPS – subject to remove completely

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