roundcube 1.3.4 Bugfix Release

Der Open-Source Webmail roundcube, wurde von den Entwicklern und der Community in der Version 1.3.4 veröffentlicht. Das Update behebt diverse Fehler und macht roundcube voll PHP 7.2 kompatibel.

roundcube 1.3.4 Release Notes

  • Fix a couple of warnings on PHP 7.2 (#6098)
  • Fix bug where contacts search could skip some records (#6130)
  • Fix possible information leak – add more strict sql error check on user creation (#6125)
  • Fix broken long filenames when using imap4d server – workaround server bug (#6048)
  • Fix so temp_dir misconfiguration prints an error to the log (#6045)
  • Fix untagged COPYUID responses handling – again (#5982)
  • Fix PHP warning “idn_to_utf8(): INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 is deprecated” with PHP 7.2 (#6075)
  • Fix bug where Archive folder wasn’t auto-created on login with create_default_folders=true
  • Fix performance issue when parsing malformed and long Date header (#6087)
  • Fix syntax error in mssql.initial.sql (#6097)
  • Fix bug where contacts export by selection returned no more than 10 entries (#6103)
  • Fix searching contacts by address in LDAP source (#6084)
  • Fix X-Frame-Options: ALLOW-FROM support, remove custom click-jacking protection (#6057)


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