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RocketChat 5.1.0 Bugfix und Feature Release

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Die Open-Source Chatlösung,, erhielt das Bugfix Release 5.1.0 Das Update bringt neben Updates der Engines:

  • Node: 14.19.3
  • NPM: 6.14.17
  • MongoDB: 4.2, 4.4, 5.0

auch neue Funktionen wie eine neue Ansicht mit Funktionen auf dem Home Screen:

  • Adding oauth crud on the side (#26220 by @kodiakhq[bot])
  • allow ephemeral messages to receive a specific id (#26118 by @kodiakhq[bot])
  • Allow apps to pass a specific ID for ephemeral messages as a way to edit them.
  • Capability to search visitors by custom fields (#26312)
  • Users of the endpoints api/v1/omnichannel/ and /api/v1/livechat/ are now able to search by custom fields in their objects. Capability of selecting if a custom field can be searched for is added in the Omnichannel pannel as a toggle for searchable, the included JSON in the Accounts’ Custom Field example has been updated to make it explicit for future configurations that the field has to be enabled as searchable for that to happen.
  • Fallback Error component for Engagement Dashboard widgets (#26441 by @kodiakhq[bot])

As proposed, was added a fallback component to catch errors at Engagement Dashboard widgets individually.
It used an Error boundary to catch react-query errors, due to this scenario was necessary to install and use the library react-error-boundary that implements everything and more compared to our ErrorBoundary component, the main reason was to capture Query errors and the implementation with react-query library.

Weiterhin wurde das Engagement Dashboard überarbeitet und übersichtlicher mit mehr Grafiken gestaltet. Der Marketplace ist überarbeitet und mit einer neuen Listenansicht versehen. Weitere Verbesserungen und Bugfixes sind ebenso in das Rocket.Chat Release 5.1.0 geflossen. Alle Infos dazu unter:

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