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RocketChat 4.7.0 Feature und Bugfix Release

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Die Open-Source Chatlösung, Rocketchat, erhielt das Update 4.7.0. Dieses behebt diverse Fehler, führt neue Funktionen ein und sorgt für mehr Stabilität.

New features

  • Add expire index to integration history (#25087)
  • Alpha Matrix Federation (#23688)Experimental support for Matrix Federation with a Bridge
  • Expand Apps Engine’s environment variable allowed list (#23870 by @cuonghuunguyen)
  • Message Template React Component (#23971)


  • Add OTR Room States (#24565)
  • Add tooltip to sidebar room menu (#24405 by @Himanshu664)
  • Added MaxNickNameLength and MaxBioLength constants (#25231 by @aakash-gitdev)
  • Added tooltip options for message menu (#24431 by @Himanshu664)
  • Improve active/hover colors in account sidebar (#25024 by @Himanshu664)
  • Performance for some Omnichannel features (#25217)
  • Rename upgrade tab routes (#25097)Change ‘upgrade tab’ routes names from camelCase (‘goFullyFeatured’) to kebab-case (‘go-fully-featured’) due to URL naming consistency. Changed types, main function and test.

Bug fixes

  • Add katex render to new message react template (#25239)
  • Add reaction not working in legacy messages (#25222)
  • Added invalid password error message (#24714 by @Himanshu664)
  • Adjust email label in Setup Wizard i18n files (#25260)
    • remove ‘Company’ label on onboarding email keys in certain languages
  • AgentOverview analytics wrong departmentId parameter (#25073 by @paulobernardoaf)
  • Client disconnection on network loss (#25170)
  • Close room when dismiss wrap up call modal (#25056)
  • Custom sound error toast messages (#24515 by @Himanshu664)
  • Deactivating user breaks if user is the only room owner (#24933 by @sidmohanty11)
  • Desktop notification on multi-instance environments (#25220)
  • End call button disappearing when on-hold (#24936)
  • FormData uploads not working (#25069)
  • Full error message is visible (#24856 by @Himanshu664)
  • Incorrect websocket url in livechat widget (#25261)
  • Invitation links don’t redirect to the registration form (#25082)
  • Message menu action not working on legacy messages. (#25148)
  • Message preview not available for queued chats (#25092)
  • NPS never finishing sending results (#25067)
  • Prevent sequential messages edited icon to hide on hover (#24984)
  • Proxy settings being ignored (#25022)Modify Meteor’s to add back proxy support
  • Read receipts show with color gray when not read yet (#25244)
  • Read receipts showing before message read (#25216)
  • Replace encrypted text to Encrypted Message Placeholder (#24166)
  • Reply button behavior on broadcast channel (#25175)Hide reply button for the user that sent the message
  • room creation fails if app framework is disabled (#25200)
  • Showing Blank Message Inside Report (#25007 by @nishant23122000)
  • Toolbox hiding under contextual bar (#25237)
  • Upgrade Tab showing for a split second (#25050)
  • Use correct room property for call ended at (#24932)
  • UserAutoComplete not rendering UserAvatar correctly (#25055)
  • UserCard sanitization (#25089)
  • Video and Audio not skipping forward (#19866)
  • VoIP disabled/enabled sequence puts voip agent in error state (#25230)

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