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Rocket.Chat Bugfix und Feature Release 6.2.3 veröffentlicht

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Die Open-Source Chatlösung, Rocket.Chat, erhielt das Bugfix Release 6.2.3. Das Update behebt Fehler und bringt ein neues Feature.

Rocket.Chat 6.2.3 Release Notes

New features

  • Add support to use TRANSPORTER env var for monolith deployments (#29373)

Bug fixes

  • queuedForUser endpoint not filtering by status (#29189)
  • Embedded layout stops working after navigation occurs (#29147)
  • File upload in Safari, IOS devices (#27121)
  • fix wrong %s translations (#29395)
  • getActiveLocalUserCount query (#29349)
  • Import progress page stuck at 0% (#29421)
    • Fix incorrect percentage calc;
    • Fix import progress page stuck at 0%.
  • Importer crashes when sending the “active status” e-mail notification to users (#29401)
    • Fix getImportProgress endpoint returning incorrect count info (total: 0, completed: 0);
    • Fix server crash when sending the “active status” e-mail notification to users on import.
  • OTR session closing after 10 seconds without warning (#29245)The Notifications streamer is sending two events when there’s a license applied to the workspace and it’s not using Microservices. I’m avoiding this by simply ignoring the second event in OTRRoom.There is still an issue where there’s 2 system messages being fired after accepting, but that’s not a really big concern since it doesn’t break anything.
  • unable to create user if Accounts_ManuallyApproveNewUsers is enabled (#29293)


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