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Rocket.Chat Bugfix Release 6.1.2

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Die Entwickler der Open-Source Chatplattform Rocket Chat haben das Bugfix Update 6.1.2 veröffentlicht.

Rocket.Chat 6.1.2 Release Notes

Engine versions

  • Node: 14.21.2
  • NPM: 6.14.17
  • MongoDB: 4.4, 5.0, 6.0
  • Apps-Engine: 1.38.1

Bug fixes

  • Add function to get installation source (#28806)
    There have been reports of problems regarding the missing information of installationSource in apps. The only scenario where this information could be missing is if migrations failed to run properly when upgrading to 6.0. We haven’t been able to identify the root cause yet, so we decided to provide a workaround in the meanwhile
  • Fixed no role assign to manual registered users despite of Default Roles for Users settings (#28293 by @bhardwajdisha)
  • Quotes chain off by one error in quote chain limit settings (#28281 by @jayesh-jain252)
    Fixed off by one error in Quote Chain Limit. Now if a user sets Message_QuoteChainLimit (default is 2) the number of quotes chained matches the setting.
    Changes are made in apps/meteor/app/oembed/server/jumpToMessage.ts file
    With Message_QuoteChainLimit=2
Rocket.Chat Message_QuoteChainLimit Before
Rocket.Chat Message_QuoteChainLimit Before
  • after
Rocket.Chat Message_QuoteChainLimit After
Rocket.Chat Message_QuoteChainLimit After
  • SMTP warnings on user form (#28832)
    Check for SMTP config on server side and then show warning on client side

Minor changes

  • Add rid to scope of create-invite-links permission check (#28241)This PR fixes a bug where users with the owner role can’t create invites because the button isn’t being displayed for him, to solve this issue the rid was added to the scope of the check.
  • bump apps-engine version to 1.38.1 (#28885)
  • Upgrade vm2 (#28860)It patches vm2.


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