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Die Open-Source Chatlösung,, erhielt das Bugfix Release 5.0.3. Das Update behebt 4 Fehler.

Bug fixes

  • Chats holds to load history for some time (#26425)
  • Endpoints not working when using “Use Real Name” setting (#26530 by @kodiakhq[bot])The list of endpoints affected is:
    • /api/v1/channels.list
    • /api/v1/channels.list.joined
    • /api/v1/groups.list
    • /api/v1/groups.listAll
    • /api/v1/im.list
    • /api/v1/im.list.everyone
  • LDAP fails to sync teams when the user DN has escaped characters. (#26535 by @kodiakhq[bot])

Minor changes

  • Chore: validateParams to accept different validators per request method (#26357)


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