Rocket.Chat 5.3.1 Bugfix Release

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Die Entwickler der Open-Source Chatplattform Rocket Chat haben das Bugfix Update 5.3.1 veröffentlicht.

Rocket.Chat 5.3.1 Release Notes

Engine versions

  • Node: 14.19.3
  • NPM: 6.14.17
  • MongoDB: 4.2, 4.4, 5.0
  • File upload receiving whole file to apply limits (#27105)
  • Hide system messages setting not being respected. (#27151)There was a query missing the parameters in the client.Also added a few tests to help reduce the risk of this happening again.
  • Multi instance error message (#27243)
  • Next schedule check for Apps (#27240)
  • User merge by e-mail on OAuth is case-sensitive (#27167)
    • Ignore case when searching for a user by email.

Minor changes

  • Chore: Check for Cloud client secret to check if workspace is registered (#27229)

Quelle: Release 5.3.1 · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat · GitHub

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