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Ready or Not Update 1.0 Hotfix 3

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Entwickler VOID Interactive hat ein weiteres Hotfix für das Update 1.0 für Ready or Not veröffentlicht.

Ready or Not Patch-Notes:

Bug Fixes

  • Removed duplicate Beachfront briefing
  • Adjusted visibility blockers on Ridgeline, Penthouse, Valley and Importer
  • Fixed a bug that soft-locked the game when changing the language outside of the main menu
  • Fixed an issue with the loadout/customization menu that caused the game to crash when opened at the last second before the mission starts loading
  • Fixed a stack-up error that caused SWAT AI to be unable to move and clear when a door is opened toward them
  • Fixed a bug that prevented SWAT AI from autonomously completing all objectives and finishing the mission after the player dies in practice mode
  • Fixed an audio trigger in the tutorial that started too soon, resulting in players trying to complete the optiwand task on the wrong door
  • Fixed an unintentional interaction that allowed completion of the “Due Process” achievement without using C2
  • Fixed an issue that led to unintended AI behaviour, where Suspect AI was reopening fire at their last target after faking a suicide attempt
  • Fixed various lighting & art bugs across missions
  • Fixed an input error that caused players to stay in crouch position when approaching suspect/civilian or evidence while in crouch position and releasing input during a restrain or evidence animation
  • Fixed a customization bug that caused watches under long sleeved shirts to still appear in first person view
  • Fixed an issue that brought up the replay menu when pressing the slash button during missions
  • Fixed a startup issue that resulted in subtitles being reset to default instead of the one that was set during the previous game session
  • Resolved an issue that made weapons appear not to zoom in with the entire scene when ADS zoom is enabled while holding down ADS
  • Fixed missing ADS zoom when using the MP5A2 with a holographic sight
  • Fixed a bug in which additional taser ammunition was not granted when using an additional taser slot
  • Fixed an issue that caused the tablet to get stuck on the screen when opened before a gun is drawn for the first time
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the game to crash when the Faction Manager and modded maps tried to interact in the background
  • Fixed a bug that squared the headshot damage against players only when the helmet was already destroyed
  • Fixed a bug on Gas & Streamer that sometimes made dropped weapons fall through the floor
  • Fixed a bug that allowed SWAT AI to kill suspects by shooting them in the head with beanbags
  • Fixed a bug that prevented SWAT AI from moving in and clearing through the container doors in the Port auction room
  • Fixed an animation bug for the taser that utilized the wrong reload animation while aiming, allowing it to fire again faster than intended
  • Fixed an issue that allowed prolonged engagements between suspects and SWAT AI through walls, without requiring line of sight
  • Fixed a bug on Club which caused bullets to not go through railings
  • Fixed a command issue that caused the “Deploy Shield” command not to work when ordered through team command
  • Fixed a bug where the “Open Door” command was not working when a team is stacked up on the same door already
  • Fixed a bug that made opening doors look stuttery when spectating someone far away from own corpse
  • Fixed a bug that caused Supporter Edition verification codes to not appear anymore in the options menu
  • Fixed a bug that allowed killed suspects with destroyed heads to still be restrainable
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Trailers from picking up ragdolled suspects & civilians
  • Fixed a bug that made SWAT AI unnecessarily avoid player aim during a “Move to” command, causing the command to be interrupted
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused snapping to occur when SWAT AI is pulling their NVG down
  • Fixed a bug that prevented modded content additions from being discovered by the asset manager
  • Removed any related SWAT voicelines that are referring to themselves as the high ground callsign
  • Fixed an audio bug that resulted in music not playing for clients in multiplayer
  • Fixed ammo types not meant to be accessible by players appearing in the loadout menu
  • Fixed an issue that caused the bounce light setting to always appear as disabled
  • Various audio fixes across most levels


  • Added a new setting option to “enable/disable” the replay feature. The default setting is set to “disabled”, which also may improve the game’s performance
  • Added a new option in the graphics settings to disable Per Object shadows. Disabling this may improve performance. The lowest graphics preset will have this setting disabled by default.
  • Added several outstanding VO files for Penthouse
  • Added several new icons in the loadout customization menu
  • Adjusted reflectiveness of ballistic shield glass, making it easier to see through in most lighting conditions
  • Added DLSS “auto” and “ultra quality” options
  • Fixed DLSS quality options not being set correctly
  • Upgraded DLSS implementation from 3.1.0a to 3.5.2a
  • Upgraded FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 from 2.1.2. to 2.2.1
  • Added various audio enhancements, improvements and fixes across all available missions


  • Revamped the way Suspect AI accuracy is calculated and rebalanced it, resulting in a fairer experience across all levels (Note: changes to the accuracy calculation will break AI mods)
  • Adjusted stress system usage on Penthouse and Sins
  • Increased maximum surrender time for Suspect AI before considering leaving surrender state to take action (Also prevents suspects from considering leaving surrender state after witnessing another suspect being killed, or while surrounded by multiple SWAT officers)
  • Decreased Suspect AI damage when shooting through walls
  • Decreased smoke opacity of CS Gas to allow players to see through it more easily
  • Slightly increased movement speed of SWAT AI when moving on slopes
  • Increased passive stress loss in commander mode
  • Decreased stress gained from player death in commander mode
  • Decreased Taser magazine count per slot from 4 to 3

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