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Green Hell Hotfix Patch 2.7.1


Entwickler Creepy Jar hat den Hotfix 2.7.1 zum letzten Update für Green Hell veröffentlicht.

Green Hell Patch-Notes


  • The game no longer crashes after destroying constructions that are connected directly to the Elevator
  • The game no longer crashes while taking Logs from the Log Stand
  • The game no longer crashes after exiting a session while the Eternal Flame is being extinguished
  • Opening the Notebook while carrying a lit Torch no longer causes a game crash for other players in the session
  • Fixed some additional crashes that occur randomly on saves provided by the community


  • Triggers to interact with Eternal Flame should no longer be hard to find if dead Tribesmen are nearby
  • The player should not be able to build constructions that block access to the Eternal Flame rewards
  • Tribesmen now despawn faster after the Eternal Flame is extinguished
  • FX of the ignited Eternal Flame no longer causes graphical distortion
  • UI prompts showing the Ritual of Fire events now display properly for all players in the co-op session
  • The status of the Eternal Flame is the same for all players after reloading a co-op session
  • Bow Trap no longer kills Thugs with one hit
  • Tribesmen AI when trying to get to the player should now focus more on destroying constructions
  • Tribesmen summoned by the Eternal Flame are now more likely to focus on the Lookout Platforms
  • Metal Arrowheads rewarded in the Ritual of Flame are now easier to pick up
  • Smoke that appears when Tribesmen try to extinguish Eternal Flame now disappears and appears smoothly
  • Voices of Tribesmen spawning for Ritual of Flame are now louder
  • Wasp nest attack audio effects are now improved
  • The player is no longer able to craft Ritual of Flame Herbs in the Story Mode


  • Taking damage while switching or throwing a weapon no longer causes HUD to get blocked
  • Animations of the bow no longer freeze when the player gets damaged during shooting
  • The vertical camera angle range is increased – the player can pick up items that are close to Jake’s feet
  • Receiving damage while switching weapons no longer causes animation mismatch
  • The player can no longer use Body Inspection while in the Elevator

The Spirits of Amazonia

  • Jake’s hands no longer blur when entering the water in Spirits of Amazonia underwater arena
  • The surface of the water in Spirits of Amazonia underwater arena no longer displays a graphical distortion
  • Thug Tribesmen should now properly spawn in Spirits of Amazonia camps


  • Tribesmen spawned by low sanity no longer freeze when the player is on the upper levels of a construction
  • Skybox no longer displays graphical distortion during the final Dream sequence in the Story Mode


  • Meat on the Dryers and Fireside Walls no longer duplicate in co-op sessions
  • Icons on the Grill Rack now display properly for all players in the co-op session
  • Co-op players are no longer able to insert items into the Fence or Palisade ghost before it is properly set


  • Triangular Frame now behaves properly after the constructions underneath it are destroyed
  • Weapons no longer change color during interaction with construction ghosts
  • The gap between the first snap point to other fences and palisades is reduced
  • Grass and tiny plants no longer flicker when a construction is being completed
  • Triangular Frames can now be properly placed on upper levels of a construction


  • Icons on the items’ HUD now display properly in the Expand Menu
  • Using the Expand Menu on animals from the Animal Pen no longer causes all animals to freeze
  • Texts describing the Venom Wound in the Notebook no longer overlap
  • Change Direction’ has now a proper Icon when using a Controller
  • Notebook tabs now scroll in a proper order when using a Controller

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