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Ready or Not Februar Update Hotfix 1

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Entwickler VOID Interactive hat ein Update / Hotfix zum Februar Update veröffentlicht.

Patch Notes


  • Fast Reload magazines maintain velocity from animation
  • Any weapon can now be canted(default keybind ‘O’. This will not be O if you have an existing keybind set up.)

ROE bug fixes and improvements:


  • Revoke penalties if AI tries to threaten someone again (by fake surrendering, for example)
  • Fixed an issue where a suspect drawing a weapon would be considered unjustified when force was used
  • Updated SWAT engagement rules
  • Fixed an issue where fake surrender exits would not count as authorized use of force
  • Fixed an issue where fake surrenders with a knife would not count as authorized use of force
  • Shortened required yell reaction time before authorizing use of force
  • Made surrender checks more lenient in the case where accidental shots were fire as soon as an AI surrenders
  • If a suspect is hesitating or fleeing with a weapon, even after hearing a yell, force is authorized


  • Civilians again avoid traps
  • ‘Bring Order to Chaos’ is only complete if all suspects are arrested or dead. Excludes civilians.
  • Added civilian response to yelling outside of line of sight(with a cooldown).
  • Any weapon can now be canted (Default: O)
  • Pepper spray now reduces morale
  • Knife damage now applied to AI
  • Lowest chunks of destroyable doors now ignore pawn collision (may resolve AI getting stuck inside doors)
  • Detonator now appears in tactical device slot once all C2 has been used/placed
  • Fixed an issue where clients could not see item scroll menu due to inventory not being replicated at start
  • Fixed bleed audio playing on death
  • Fixed new fake surrender exits not aborting when stunned
  • Fixed camera being stuck in mirror gun when dying while mirroring in full screen
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed AI not always having correct health on start
  • Fix for ragdolls repeatedly playing collision sounds
  • Fix for ragdolls never sleeping
  • Fixed suspects being able to fake surrender multiple times


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