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Proxmox Backup 1.1 erschienen

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Die Enterprise Backuplösung, Proxmox, sichert virtuelle Maschinen und Container und stellt sie wenn nötig wieder her. Die Proxmox Backup Lösung integriert sich nahtlos in Proxmox VE.

Proxmox Backup 1.1.

New Features

  • Based on Debian Buster 10.9, with long-term supported Linux kernel 5.4.106
  • ZFS 2.0
  • Technology Preview: Native tape support fully integrated into Proxmox Backup Server:
    • Proxmox Backup Server supports LTO-4 or later;
    • Tape backup job – back up datastores to a media pool;
    • Tape restore jobs – restore the content of a media set to one or more datastores;
    • Flexible retention policies;
    • New user space tape driver written in Rust;
    • Support for various tape autoloaders: mtx tool rewritten in Rust (now called pmtx);
    • Configuration of components, jobs, and schedules via GUI;
    • Proxmox LTO Barcode Label Generator to generate and print bar-code labels;
  • Two-factor authentication (TFA) for the GUI: Time-base One-Time Password (TOTP), WebAuthn, and recovery keys for single use;
  • HTTP compression via Content-Encoding
  • Compression of file-level ZIP archive downloads
  • Bug fixes and further enhancements…

Quelle: Proxmox Backup Server 1.1 | Proxmox Support Forum

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