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Phasmophobia Update v0.7.2.0


Entwickler Kinetic Games hat das Update v0.7.2.0 für Phasmophobia veröffentlicht.



  • Added a button in the journal to see the Unity privacy policy as well as a button to opt out of Analytics, opting out is permanent
  • Added Catalan language support for text and voice recognition


  • The bone will now spawn anywhere the ghost can walk to prevent it getting into unreachable locations
  • The Halloween event has now been removed and the trophy can no longer be completed


  • Player map icons now work in woodwind
  • When loading into a game, you will now be forced to the loading screen
  • Locker in Bleasdale will no longer always be blocked
  • If you fall out of the map in Camp Woodwind you will now always be teleported back into the map
  • The ghost writing book will no longer count as an electronic
  • Leaving training through the journal will no longer give you an error screen
  • The “Complete objectives in” text will now have a space between it and the map name
  • The “Cursed Possessions” journal title will no longer go on two lines in some languages
  • The animation of the alarm clock will now work correctly
  • The banshee will now set a new target after the target dies and when you draw a hanged man
  • Fuse box sounds no longer play twice when used
  • Fires should no longer fail when flickering
  • Post game tabs now highlight to show you which tab is currently open
  • Potential fix for save files corrupting when the game crashes
  • Banshees will no longer attempt to walk outside if their target is outside
  • Fixed an issue which caused the ghost to navigate too often outside of its favourite room as well as making the ghost orb spawn outside of the room
  • Fixed safe spots and areas you could get stuck across several maps
  • The haunted mirror will no longer turn on if your inventory is full and you attempt to grab it
  • VR players can now teleport onto the debris on Sunny Meadows with teleport locomotion
  • Fixed an issue where tall VR players would collide with an object near the main menu board
  • Fixed the floating talk button in VR
  • Grabbing the VR journal or VR walkie talkie with both hands at the same time will no longer make it very large
  • The VR UI pointer will no longer clip through the journal, when the shop tv is behind it
  • The VR walkie talkie will no longer stay on if you drop it while using it
  • Doors will no longer change size when grabbed by a VR player
  • VR Players will now drop all items when they die or disconnect
  • You can no longer grab VR players belt equipment

    Quelle: Steam Community :: Phasmophobia

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