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POSTAL 4: No Regerts Update 1.1.0


Entwickler Running With Scissors hat das Update 1.1.0 für Postal 4:No Regerts veröffentlicht.



  • GO Kart! The Mobility Megastore is releasing their new vehicle to the public! Available  from Wednesday, this non-handicap accessible Kart will be available to rent for just $100!
  • Scissors! The long awaited Scissors are back! Throw ’em around regularly, old-school style or try the new alt-fire kunai throw!
  • Better models for destroyed cars!
  • Phone customization options! You can now change the phone muzak as well as the Krotchy Tip notification sounds
  • Phone Kiosk! This is where you will be buying custom muzak and notification sounds for your sexy Scrotorola phone
  • A lot more NPC clothing variation!
  • Exchange Vendors! Throughout Edensin, you’ll notice a bunch of new exchange vendors which will allow you to exchange various items for cash
  • Chance for dogs to pee on corpses!
  • Better Police Helicopter explosion effects
  • More NPC behavior schedules throughout the maps!
  • More NPC walk cycles! To help add more variation to our NPCs, you’ll now notice them use different animations for walking
  • Begging state and NPCs screaming correctly when set on fire!
  • New camera animations for firearms!
  • Added Riot Cops in helicopter drops!
  • TAL Movie skin! The Zack Outfit has been added as Krotchy Doll collector reward

Changed / Improved

  • Further general performance improvements
  • Reduced the frequency and severity of stuttering
  • Reduced the install size footprint by another 5gb
  • Reduced system RAM usage
  • Adjusted steering speed on vehicles for better handling
  • Optimized the explodable Propane tanks and barrels
  • Improved collision of various assets
  • Improved the behavior of Police and Heat Assault sequence
  • Improved performance of destructible cars
  • Improvements to kick behavior: Camera shake added for the kick hitting someone
  • Improved NPC weapon / health balancing. Added Tan and Riot Cops to spawners as week goes on
  • Tweaked camera shakes for firearms in order to improve the feel of our weapons
  • Implemented animation blending between hip and aimed firing animations
  • Added a lot of new world textures (Posters, murals, adboards, etc.)
  • Revised the behavior and look of the ammo slot on the Weapon Wheel
  • Improved various UI elements for better controller support
  • Changes to the Kunny Island errand (Destroying power boxes as well as disabling them will trigger hostiles)
    • Improved the look of the Money item and the models to make them less generic
    • Fixed various broken textures on models
    • Lowered the physics impulse imparted by the Mallet
    • Implemented improvements to the iron sights to make them more prominent and readable when aiming
    • Animal behavior (Cats not collecting Catnip properly, Dog sometimes not reacting to Dog Treats)
    • Improved collision of a great amount of models
    • Improved the icons of doll collectibles
    • Made more doors destructible
    • Sledgehammer and Mallet now more reliably applied physics impulse on hit
    • Sped up the head throw animation
    • Improved Fire and Begging dialog
    • Improved the behavior of throwable heads
    • Added more items throughout Edensin in order to reward exploration more
    • Improved the look of Krotchy’s Tip notification


  • Framerate dropping greatly when looking at emissive lights if the Post-Processing setting was set to ‘High’ or ‘Ultra’
  • Hardrock and Mercs not moving in the Mall
  • Mercenaries not having weapons in the Mall
  • Frozen NPCs in El Plago cutscene
  • Weapon chest in Police Station being difficult to interact with
  • Gates during the Treasure Hunter errand sometimes blocking player
  • The wind sounds skipping sometimes
  • Various jank during Vote For Governor errand
  • Cutscenes being slowed down by Catnip
  • Tickets not appearing correctly on new cars
  • Certain doors being very difficult to kick
  • Ammo types not being remembered on save game
  • Uphill slope animations
  • Inconsistent material footstep sounds for several road materials
  • Plushies cutting themselves off during talking
  • Dogs not playing fetch with heads of ALL NPC types
  • An issue with NPCs herding in one place when using interest points
  • Animals not reacting to getting hit correctly
  • A ton of mapping bugs such as certain models being too small, inaccessible pickups, broken textures and so on
  • NPCs spawning in a cluster in Suburban area
  • Big bride in between the Suburbs and Prison tile popping up out of nowhere
  • Players being able to fall through floor around the central security hub pillar
  • Petition, Spray Paint Can and a few others not working properly with the Black hole backpack upgrade active
  • Immigrants in Border Smuggler errand only getting on the slingshot when aiming down and sometimes getting stuck until killed
  • A bug that could trigger when going through a zap-zone whilst on a Scooter
  • Sledgehammer and Mallet projectiles not having Catnip support
  • Dismembered heads jittering for a short moment when playing fetch with a dog
  • Removed redundant “Cop” subtitles from PayFine cinematic
  • Monday Beggar Sign reappearing in Dude’s inventory under certain circumstances

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