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Phasmophobia Update v0.5.2.0


Entwickler Kinetic Games hat ein weiteres Update für Phasmophobia veröffentlicht. Die Patch Notes sollen nun mehr transparent sein, sodass die Spieler erfahren, welche Änderungen am Spiel gemacht wurden.

Phasmophobia Floor
Phasmophobia Floor

Patch Notes:

Ghost Identities

Some of the ghosts still weren’t sitting quite right after our recent overhaul, so we’ve gone back and made additional changes to those that were suffering the most #justiceforbanshee

  • Demon
    Demons have had their weakness replaced with the Banshee’s, as it is more thematical and serves as a better counter to their strength
    • Crucifixes will stop a hunt starting within 5m instead of 3m
  • Banshee
    Banshee has received a new weakness and new abilities
    • Weakness: Banshees can sometimes be heard wailing with a parabolic microphone
    • The Banshee’s paranormal sound has been improved
    • Singing ghost events will now drain an extra 5% sanity on the Banshee’s target
    • Banshees will only check their targets sanity % for initiating a hunt in multiplayer
    • Banshees will often wander toward their target when roaming
  • Shade
    We’ve found that some Shades are particularly fond of showing themselves early on in contracts, so we’ve dialled them back a bit to avoid confusion with other ghosts:
    Shades will have a much lower chance to perform ghost events, returning to normal as average player sanity decreases
    • For every 1% of average sanity lost, ghost event chance is increased by 2% (capped at 100%), for example:
      • 100% average sanity = 0% chance
      • 75% average sanity = 50% chance
      • 50% average sanity = 100% chance
  • Poltergeist
    Poltergeist’s ability will now reduce the sanity of all players around the ghost instead of just one player
    • 2% sanity drain per object thrown
  • Hantu
    Hantu have become the new ghost people love to loop, which is great. However, they weren’t threatening when they should be! So we’ve given them some speed and ability changes to make them a bit more frightening in the cold.
    • Hantu now have double the chance to turn off the power
    • Hantu will now show their breath in room temperatures of 3°C or lower
    • Hantu maximum speed has been increased, and will change speed between smaller temperature brackets
      • 1.4 m/s= 15°C+
      • 1.5 m/s= 12°C
      • 1.65 m/s= 9°C
      • 1.8 m/s= 6°C
      • 2.2 m/s= 3°C
      • 2.5 m/s= 0°C


  • ‘The High Priestess’ tarot card has received new functionality, which should help with drawing one early, playing solo and to counter some of the risk involved with other cards
    • Drawing this card when no one is dead will revive the next player who dies


  • ‘The Tower’ card and Voodoo Doll pins can now force the ghost to interact with the Ghost Writing Book, DOTS Projector and doors, instead of only interacting with clutter
  • Voodoo Doll’s sanity drain has been reduced
    • Normal pins from 10% to 5%
    • Heart pin from 20% to 10%
  • Grey ‘Ghost’ text will no longer appear in the journal when taking a second ghost photo
  • Ghosts will no longer turn on lights before smashing them


  • Fixed a bug where the Voodoo Doll was only working for the host
  • Fixed a bug where the Ghost Writing evidence interaction was not showing on sound sensors or the parabolic microphone
  • Fixed a bug where solo players could use the Spirit Box and Ouija Board without pressing their voice key if ‘push to talk’ was enabled
  • Fixed a bug where the Hantu freezing breath would be visible when the ghost wasn’t visible
  • Fixed a bug where the Banshee would not set a new target until the next hunt if the target disconnected
  • Fixed a bug where the Banshee was not changing target after killing a player in Nightmare
  • Fixed a bug where drawing ‘The Tower’ card at the same time a hunt starts would cancel it
  • Fixed a bug where the Ouija Board would not play a sound on the first letter movement
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost could not turn on and off lights when the host was dead
  • Fixed a bug where the other players photo camera screens would turn on when they walked out of the truck (this is intentional for performance reasons)
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost would sometimes think you still had a photo camera in your hand during a hunt if you dropped it
  • Fixed a bug where ghost’s wouldn’t notice you holding a photo camera during a hunt (if the host was in the truck when you grabbed it)
  • Fixed a bug where lightning only struck once during heavy rain
  • Fixed a bug where rain and snow effects would turn on and off when another player walked in and out of the truck
  • Fixed a bug where lights in several maps did not play sounds or particle effects when smashed by a ghost
  • Fixed a bug where asking to play “hide and seek” with the Ouija board would restart the hunt if one already started during the countdown
  • Fixed a bug where having equipment turned on in your inventory would speed up the Raiju during a hunt
  • Fixed an issue where you could spam light switches to force the Mare’s ability
  • Fixed an issue where some blocked hiding spots in Bleasdale and Grafton were stopping you from interacting with certain objects
  • Potential fix for the ghost not always showing in ghost photos taken by other players


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