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Oxygen Not Included Update 537329

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Entwickler Klei Entertaiment hat das Update 537329 veröffentlicht.

Patch Notes


All Versions

  • Fixed Laboratory room sometimes failing to detect a working light when a non-working light is also inside the room.
  • Fixed Geotuner sidescreen not allowing more than 5 Geotuners to select the “No geyser selected” option.
  • Fixed crash that could sometimes happen when deconstructing a statue or painting.
  • Fixed Pips looking like they are carrying a seed all the time.
  • Fixed issue allowing decor bonuses from previous artworks to stack when an artwork’s style selection was changed.
  • Fixed Somnium Synthesizer story trait Pajamas not displaying correctly after being equipped.
  • Blueprints
    • Fixed Puft Bed layering issues when a Duplicant is disturbed while sleeping.
    • Fixed Dreamboat, Puft Bed, and Bouncy Castle beds looking built before the construction errand is complete.
    • Copy building tool will now select the default version of the building if the copied item’s blueprint is not owned.
    • Fixed issue preventing selected blueprints from applying to buildings placed as replacements to other buildings.
  • Mysterious Hermit story trait
    • If a Duplicant dies while knocking at the door, it’s now possible for another Duplicant to complete the chore without reloading the save.
    • Fixed crash when removing food from the Mailbox while the hermit is retrieving it.
    • Disabling/enabling the Gravitas Shipping Container during the same session the story trait was completed no longer crashes.
    • Game no longer crashes when completing the story trait while the hermit checks the mail.
  • Conduction Panel
    • Fixed a bug where Conduction Panels built behind a Manual Airlock or Mechanized Airlock door would crash when the door closes.
    • Deconstructing a Conduction Panel behind a Pitcher Pump no longer crashes.
    • Fixed a bug where a building would not stop overheating when cooled below its overheating temperature using a Conduction Panel.

Spaced Out! only

  • Fixed an issue causing Conduction Panels to behave differently based on the number of asteroids visited and rockets built.

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