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OPNsense Bugfix Release 24.1.9 und Hotfix 24.1.9_1 sowie 24.1.9_3 und 24.1.9_4 veröffentlicht

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Die Community Edition der Open-Source Firewall OPNsense erhielt ein Update und bisher 3 Hotfixe. Diese verbessern u.a. das Handling des IPv6 Clients, aktualisieren Plugins u.a. die PHP Version und beheben Fehler in der Implementierung des One-to-One NAT. Mehr Details in den Release Notes unten.

OPNsense 24.1.9 Release Notes

  • system: do not create an interface route without an address
  • system: add pluginctl -x/-X modes for digesting XMLRPC options
  • system: replace rand() with random_int() in remote backup script
  • firewall: migrate one-to-one NAT to MVC/API
  • interfaces: make SLAAC flush a feature of ifctl for incoming reuse
  • interfaces: in SLAAC tracking prevent accepting our own radvd configuration
  • interfaces: move SLAAC tunables to system requirements
  • interfaces: disable IPv6 interface modes when IPv6 is disabled globally
  • interfaces: avoid pluginctl giving out IPv4 info for non-interfaces
  • dhcrelay: add logging into its own space
  • firmware: change default fetch of changelog to 30 seconds
  • firmware: dump TLS information for firmware server(s) in use
  • isc-dhcp: allow root domain input as “.” (contributed by Skyler Mantysaari)
  • kea-dhcp: support static DNS mappings (contributed by Markus Reiter)
  • mvc: refactored and improved checkAndThrowSafeDelete() as checkAndThrowValueInUse()
  • ui: prevent word break for top level menu items
  • plugins: os-caddy 1.5.7[1]
  • curl 8.8.0[2]
  • dhcp6c v20240607 additions for WAN tracking, interface ID specification, etc.
  • nss 3.100[3]
  • openldap 2.6.8[4]
  • openssl 3.0.14[5]
  • php 8.2.20[6]
  • py-duckdb 1.0.0[7]
  • py-netaddr 1.3.0[8]
  • sqlite 3.46.0[9]

OPNsense Hotfix 24.1.9_1

  • firewall: “natreflection” rule attribute missed in MVC/API migration

OPNsense Hotfix 24.1.9_3

  • firewall: typo in “destination” migration for one-to-one NAT
  • firewall: one-to-one NAT default reflection setting was ignored

OPNsense Hotfix 24.1.9_4

  • system: proper HA sync for new one-to-one NAT section

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