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OPNsense Bugfix Release 23.1.5 und Hotfix 23.1.5_2 veröffentlicht

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Das Update der OPNsense Community Edition 23.1.5 behebt einige Fehler mit OpenVPN, Unbound, OpenSSL und dem radvd Neustartverhalten.

  • UPDATE: Hotfix 23.1.5_4 veröffentlicht

OPNsense 23.1.5 Release Notes

  •  system: timezone parsing issue for zones west of UTC using “-“
  • system: migrate services page and widget to MVC/API
  • system: move web GUI service definition to correct file
  • system: add service_by_filter() service search extension
  • system: pin down the auto-far gateway selection and routing log adjustments
  • system: prevent applying tunables which are already set
  • firewall: refactor alias update scripts
  • dhcp: bring back the SIGHUP handling of radvd due to fix upstream
  • ipsec: replace status call with portable alternative
  • network time: migrate service status to PID file
  • openvpn: fix client output for widget (contributed by kulikov-a)
  • openvpn: migrate connection status page and widget to MVC/API
  • unbound: replace status call with portable alternative
  • unbound: bring back missing advanced page ACL entry
  • unbound: implement wildcard blocking and refactor DNSBL module
  • unbound: account for CNAME redirection in DNSBL module
  • unbound: prevent logging SERVFAIL twice in DNSBL module
  • unbound: allow scripts to extend blocklist functionality
  • mvc: add MaskPerItem toggle to allow regex validation per entry in CSVListField
  • ui: add a fail() handler to disable action button spinner
  • plugins: os-frr 1.33[1]
  • src: pfsync: fix pfsync_undefer_state() locking
  • src: pfsync: add missing unlock in pfsync_defer_tmo()
  • src: epair: merged assorted fixes
  • ports: openssl fix for CVE-2023-0464
  • ports: radvd fix for SIGHUP behaviour

OPNsense Hotfix 23.1.5_2

  • firewall: ignore empty lines when reading current alias content using pfctl
  • network time: revert PID file use as it is still unreliable with ntpd

OPNsense Hotfix 23.1.5_4

  • openvpn: fix typo in widget missing virtual address display
  • unbound: translate empty values to empty strings in DNSBL module

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