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OPNsense Bugfix Release 22.1.8 und Hotfix 22.1.8_1

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Die Open-Source Firewall, OPNsense, erhielt das Bugfix Release 22.1.8 sowie das Hotfix Update 22.1.8_1, dass einen Fehler mit der Alias-Konfig, behebt. Außerdem werden viele Systemkomponenten auf den neusten Paketstand gebracht.

OPNsense 22.1.8 Release Notes

  • system: only restore missing or zero size ACL files
  • system: support plugin device reconfiguration in pluginctl utility
  • system: prevent gateway monitoring from entering a “filter reload” loop
  • system: use password_verify() in authenticators (contributed by oittaa)
  • system: hide password from command line during config encryption
  • interfaces: add technical interface ID display to assignments page
  • firewall: various usability and visibility improvements for aliases
  • firewall: performance improvement for large numbers of port type aliases
  • firewall: simplify sort and add natural sorting in alias diagnostics
  • captive portal: add extendedPreAuthData for MAC address retrieval during authentication
  • dhcp: refactor IPv4 lease removal and purge static leases before starting service
  • dhcp: allow custom configuration from directories
  • firmware: bypass cache with timestamp in “upgradestatus” call (contributed by gibwar)
  • firmware: lowercase search in plugins/packages
  • intrusion detection: fix log file ACL mismatch
  • ipsec: squelch spurious errors on stderr for backend status action
  • unbound: add custom “destination address” as advanced option for blocklists
  • mvc: distinct between HTTP errors 401 and 403 during authentication
  • mvc: call microtime(true) only once during config save (contributed by csbyte)
  • plugins: os-acme-client 3.11[1]
  • plugins: os-nginx 1.27[2]
  • plugins: os-postfix 1.22[3]
  • src: tcp: rewind erroneous RTO only while performing RTO retransmissions
  • src: bnxt: Allow bnxt interfaces to use VLANs
  • src: rc: use _pidcmd to determine pid for protect
  • ports: curl 7.83.1[4]
  • ports: sqlite 3.38.2[5]
  • ports: strongswan 5.9.6[6]

OPNsense Hotfix Release 22.1.8_1

  • firewall: ignore empty lines when reading current alias content using pfctl

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