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OPNsense Bugfix 23.1.4 und 23.1.4_1 Hotfix Release

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Die Open-Source Firewall OPNsense Community Edition erhielt das Update 23.1.4 und kurz danach den Hotfix 23.1.4_1. Das Update behebt diverse Fehler so auch in StrongSwan und OpenVPN, sowie Fehler wie der VIP Migration mit IP Alias im CARP VIP.

OPNsense 23.1.4 Release Notes

  • system: address a number of web GUI startup problems
  • system: service handling refactor, tweaks and improvements
  • system: rework killbypid()/killbyname() behaviour
  • system: use system_resolver_configure() everywhere
  • reporting: simplify state collection for system-states.rrd
  • interfaces: fix an issue with a batch killbyname() in static ARP case
  • interfaces: make sure output buffering is disabled when downloading a packet capture
  • interfaces: lock gateway save button while the request is being processed
  • interfaces: fix IP alias with VHID validation issue
  • dhcp: several plumbing improvements in service handling
  • dnsmasq: remove now unused host configuration and refactor
  • firmware: responsiveness fix (contributed by kulikov-a)
  • firmware: move settings handling to full-fledged model
  • firmware: add advanced/help toggles, cancel button, subscription errors
  • monit: add permanent include statement for custom configuration files (contributed by codiflow)
  • openvpn: add script and configd action to fetch connected clients
  • openvpn: reintroduce “cipher” keyword for older clients
  • openvpn: add missing static-challenge parsing for auth framework introduced in 23.1.3
  • unbound: adhere to restart logic during hosts configure and wait for service to start
  • unbound: add infra-keep-probing advanced option
  • unbound: lowercase domain for case insensitive search in blocklists
  • mvc: fix PHP warnings and dance around null/0.0.0 ambiguity in migration code
  • plugins: os-api-backup 1.1[1]
  • plugins: os-theme-cicada 1.34 (contributed by Team Rebellion)
  • plugins: os-theme-tukan 1.27 (contributed by Team Rebellion)
  • plugins: os-theme-vicuna 1.45 (contributed by Team Rebellion)
  • ports: curl 7.88.1[2]
  • ports: nss 3.89[3]
  • ports: php 8.1.17[4]
  • ports: py-vici 5.9.10
  • ports: squid 5.8[5]
  • ports: strongswan EAP-TLS upstream fix[6]

OPNsense Hotfix 23.1.4_1

  • dhcp: revert sending HUP to radvd for restart

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