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OpenProject Bugfix Release 12.3.0

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Die Open-Source Projektmanagement Software OpenProject ist vor ein paar Tagen in Version 12.3.0 erschienen. Zu den Neuerungen zählen:

  • Global Work Week
OpenProject Week Duration
OpenProject Week Duration
  • Work Week ist per Default von Montag bis Freitag
OpenProject Work Days
OpenProject Work Days

  • Duration to Work Packages
  • Verbesserungen am Date Picker

OpenProject Date Picker
OpenProject Date Picker
  • neue Tooltips bei den meisten Actionsbuttons
OpenProject Tooltip
OpenProject Tooltip

OpenProject 12.3.0 Bugfixes

  • Epic: Define weekly work schedule (weekends) #18416
  • Epic: Duration (deriving duration from dates, deriving dates from duration, updated datepicker, duration field elsewhere) #31992
  • Fixed: Quick-add menu not showing on smaller screens #37539
  • Fixed: Attachments are not going to be copied, when using “Copy to other project” function #43005
  • Fixed: Filters are not working after adding a custom field with default value #43085
  • Fixed: BIM edition unavailable on Ubuntu 22.04 packaged installation #43531
  • Fixed: Can’t delete WPs from board view #43761
  • Fixed: Insufficient contrast ratio between activity font color and background #43874
  • Fixed: SystemStackError (stack level too deep) when trying to assign new parent or children to a work package #43894
  • Fixed: Strange arrangement of files when creating a new work package #44052
  • Fixed: CKEditor not wrapping the words at the end of the sentence (edit and view mode) #44125
  • Fixed: File storage OAuth setting fields should not get translated #44146
  • Fixed: Log out user when delete work package from board #44161
  • Fixed: Work packages can have start_dates > due_dates #44243
  • Fixed: Backup failed: pg_dump: password authentication failed for user “openproject” #44251
  • Fixed: “Group by” options in Cost report are broken #44265
  • Fixed: Files list: inconsistencies in spacing and colours #44266
  • Fixed: API call for custom_options does not work custom fieleds in time_entries #44281
  • Fixed: Email Reminder: Daily reminders can only be configured to be delivered at a full hour. #44300
  • Changed: Cleanup placeholders of editable attributes #40133
  • Changed: Updated date picker drop modal (including duration and non-working days) #41341
  • Changed: Copying a project shall also copy file links attached to all work packages #41530
  • Changed: Administration page for changing the global work schedule – Weekends only #42316
  • Changed: Add meaningful tooltips to the most essential actions #43299
  • Changed: Hide time stamp and avatar when there are hover actions #43308
  • Changed: Use a disabled mouse style and tooltip for inactive files #43399
  • Changed: Update work package table view for duration #43636
  • Changed: Update gantt chart for duration and non-working days #43637
  • Changed: Update team planner and calendar for duration and non-working days #43638
  • Changed: Delete/Unlink modal #43663
  • Changed: Add information toast to the Nextcloud Setup Documentation #43851
  • Changed: Disregard distance (not lag) between related work packages when scheduling FS-related work packages #44053
  • Changed: Add packaged installation support for SLES 15 #44117
  • Changed: Replace toggles for scheduling mode and working days with on/off-switches #44147
  • Changed: New release teaser block for 12.3 #44212
  • Changed: Add the Switch component and Switch Field pattern to the design system #44213

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