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openHAB 2.5.8 veröffentlicht

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Die Open-Source Softwarelösung zur Smarthomesteuerung, openHAB, erhielt das Update 2.5.8. Das Update bringt fünf neue Addons und verbessert zahlreiche bestehende.

openHAB 2.5.8 Release Notes

New Add-ons

The following add-ons are newly introduced with the 2.5.8 release:

Drayton WiserBinding#3168
OpenWebNet (BTicino/Legrand)Binding#6213
Oppo Blu-ray PlayerBinding#7746

The following improvements were made on existing add-ons:

alarmdecoderEnhancements8131additional message parsing for zone faults, and default the keypad mask
avmfritzEnhancements8220added call monitor support
deconzEnhancements8096add support for warning device
8193improve lastSeen channel, add reachable status, fixes
8304support for color control and smart plugs, fixes for firmware >2.05.80
dlinksmarthomeBug Fixes8201Fix issue with running on java 11
hdpowerviewEnhancements8061extensions, improvements, bug-fixes
homematicEnhancements8242Better support for rollershutters + several smaller fixes
insteonEnhancements8184If the PLM or hub is not configured as a device, add it to the Paper UI inbox
8226Added the ability to configure devices from the UI
lcnEnhancements8102Add configuration option invertOpenClosed to binary sensor channel
8120Make auto discovery use segment id and module id for ThingID
lutronEnhancements8109Deprecate ccopulsed and ccomaintained things
8132Add system state variable support for HomeWorks QS
8153Add setLevel thing action to dimmer
8241Dimmer enhancements
Bug Fixes8233Fix potential NPE if bridge not initialized
miioEnhancements8168improve viewer with coordinates
8283add Xiaomi Mijia Smart Tower Fan (
Bug Fixes8188delayed sending of charge command
8189fix port leak – max datagram sockets reached
8282fix timestamp for safefiles
modbusBug Fixes8301Off-by-one fixes for data thing read index validation
mqttEnhancements8077allow disabling discovery
nikohomecontrolBug Fixes8275fix Digital Black Thermostat NPE
phcBug Fixes8191Fix duplicate id in JRM channel definition
RFXCOMEnhancements8249Adding support for T11 Blinds
senseboxBug Fixes8176Fixed potential NPE introduced in PR 8171
somfytahomaEnhancements8323Add support for the dimmer light
ZigbeeEnhancements591Use extended polling for RFD
593Improved thing removal management
595Improve handling of channel linking notifications
598Update Z-Smart Systems ZigBee Library to 1.3.7
Bug Fixes594Ensure data store files are closed


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