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OnlyOffice Document Server 7.2.0 Feature Bugfix Release


OnlyOffice Document Server ist eine Online Office Suite, die Viewer und Editoren vereint. Diese sind voll kompatibel mit MS Office Dokumenten und erlauben das erstellen und bearbeiten von Open XML, .docs, xlsx, .pptx Dateiformaten in Realtime. Der Document Server erhielt ein Update das Fehler korrigiert und neue Funktionen bringt.

OnlyOffice Document Server 7.2.0 Release Notes

New Features

All Editors

  • JWT with random key enabled by default. This fix CVE-2021-43445, CVE-2021-43447, CVE-2021-43448, CVE-2021-43449
  • Random secret key by default. Fix CVE-2021-43444
  • Fix CVE-2022-32212 by upgrading nodejs version
  • Show warning on macros execution if connection to another host. Fix CVE-2021-43446
  • Top toolbar optimizations for smaller screens
  • Added the ability to choose “Contrast Dark” or “System default” interface theme (Bug 59010)
  • More options in View tab. View tab available in comment and view mode
  • Redone of icons in header line
  • Ability to rename file from header (Should be supported by DMS)
  • Redone of settings page
  • Exact build number in About page
  • New Live viewer – ability to see changes in view mode (Should be supported by DMS)
  • Stat page will show statistics for Live viewer
  • New interface languages – pt-PTzh-TWeu-ESms-MYhy-AM
  • Redone of color selection component
  • New option to disable alternative menu
  • Completely redesigned search inside the document
  • New hotkeys for Special Paste
  • Added Cut and Select All buttons to the toolbar next to Copy`Paste`
  • Major improvements in Font engine (For languages like Bengali or Sinhala) (Only in Document Editor and Presentation Editor)
  • Ligatures support
  • Ability to insert tables as OLE object
  • Support for images as a bulleted list and the ability to work with them
  • Major improvements in EMF and WMF files rendering
  • Completely new plugin marketplace

Document Editor

  • Ability to remove Header/Footer from toolbar
  • Ability to insert current heading in TOC
  • New warning if there is no TOC in document
  • Navigation panel renamed to Headings
  • Major improvements in pdfdjvuxps convert to docx
  • Correct display Greek letters as numbered list items
  • New types of multilevel lists, which can be applied to Headers
  • Redone changes apply in Review mode
Spreadsheet Editor
  • Ability to Switch rows and columns for Chart
  • New Italiano (Svizzera) language for regional settings
  • Row number highlight for filter
  • Remove First sheet and Last sheet from bottom toolbar
  • Selection of copied range
  • Get link to this range in context menu
  • Pivot table option – Auto-fit column widths on update
  • 1904 date system support
Presentation Editor
  • Animation with Custom path
  • New advanced settings Placement tab for shapes\charts\images


  • Search in embedded and forms mode
  • Change field width for Comb of characters-enabled field
  • Ability to set tag for field
  • New Format and Allowed Symbols settings for field
  • New field types – Phone numberEmail Address and Complex Field
  • Auto detect of DB type in deb package
  • arm64 and amd64 docker images use same tag
  • WOPI discovery action for embedded viewer
  • Ability to set phone in About page
  • GetFontNames() methods for Paragarph and Run
  • New methods to get cross-reference data: ApiDocument.GetAllNumberedParagraphs();ApiDocument.GetAllHeadingParagraphs();ApiDocument.GetFootnotesFirstParagraphs();ApiDocument.GetEndNotesFirstParagraphs();ApiDocument.GetAllCaptionParagraphs();
  • New methods to set cross-reference data: ApiParagraph.AddNumberedCrossRef();ApiParagraph.AddHeadingCrossRef();ApiParagraph.AddBookmarkCrossRef();ApiParagraph.AddFootnoteCrossRef();ApiParagraph.AddEndnoteCrossRef();ApiParagraph.AddCaptionCrossRef();
  • New methods to replace elements:ApiParagraph.GetPosInParent(); ApiParagraph.ReplaceByElement(); ApiTable.GetPosInParent(); ApiTable.ReplaceByElement(); ApiBlockLvlSdt.GetPosInParent(); ApiBlockLvlSdt.ReplaceByElement();
  • New methods to get size in EMU for drawings ApiDrawing.GetWidth(); and ApiDrawing.GetHeight();
  • Add new methods for chart:ApiChart.ApplyChartStyle(); ApiChart.SetPlotAreaFill(); ApiChart.SetPlotAreaOutLine(); ApiChart.SetSeriesFill(); ApiChart.SetSeriesOutLine(); ApiChart.SetDataPointFill(); ApiChart.SetDataPointOutLine(); ApiChart.SetMarkerFill(); ApiChart.SetMarkerOutLine(); ApiChart.SetTitleFill(); ApiChart.SetTitleOutLine(); ApiChart.SetLegendFill(); ApiChart.SetLegendOutLine();
  • Improve support of regexps in code like String.replace(/\s/g, "")
  • Improvements in oRange.GetValue and oRange.GetValue2
  • Dozens of new methods for different objects. More detailed list at here
  • Fixes for several methods


  • All components received countless fixes

Quelle: DocumentServer/ at master · ONLYOFFICE/DocumentServer · GitHub

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