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OnlyOffice Desktop Editors Feature und Bugfix Release 7.4.1 veröffentlicht

OnlyOffice Editors 7.4

Die OnlyOffice Desktop Editoren sind in Version 7.4.1 erschienen. OnlyOffice ist kostenlos für Windows, macOS und Linux installierbar. Zum Umfang gehören der Document Editor (MS Word kompatibel), der Spreadsheet Editor (MS Excel kompatibel), der Presentation Editor (MS Powerpoint kompatibel) und Forms.

OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 7.4.1 Changelog

New Features

All Editors

  • Fixed vulnerabilities with checking the integrity of a digital signature, after manipulations with the document structure
  • Editors now display the correct error when trying to write a file, opened in another application
  • Fixed an error that occurs when opening multiple files using drag’n’drop
  • Fixed an issue when opening templates which contain slashes in their names
  • Fixed incorrect name for the next tab after closing and saving the document in front of it
  • The latest changes in the file are now included when sending via the Send plugin, if they have not been saved
  • Fixed the processing of the link, that ends with default.aspx, when connecting to the Workspace portal
  • The Open file location button for a document opened from the portal in a separate window without the main one now works
  • Fixed working with tabs when documents are opened from the portal and the user logs out on the Connect to cloud page
  • Fixed online help for macOS systems
  • Updated sets of application icons for Jump List (Tasks) on Windows systems
  • All components in Windows installation packages are now digitally signed
  • A large number of fixes and improvements to the MSI installation package

Document Editor

  • Fixed displaying of non-printing characters after calling the print preview window

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fixed displaying of a document when printing to PDF if the width/height of columns/rows were changed
  • Fixed the scroll bar display in the filtering window for legacy systems

Presentation Editor

  • Fixed an error during slideshow auto-run and with system scale >200% when opening multiple files using drag’n’drop

Quelle: DesktopEditors/ at master · ONLYOFFICE/DesktopEditors · GitHub

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