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OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 5.6.0 veröffentlicht


OnlyOffice ist ein Open-Source-Office-Paket, das von Ascensio System SIA mit dem Hauptsitz in Riga, Lettland, entwickelt wurde. Die Lösung umfasst Online-Dokumenten-Editoren, Plattform für Dokumenten- und Projektmanagement, CRM-System und E-Mail-Client. Die Software ist für Windows, Mac, Linux und als Portable Version erhältlich.

OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 5.6.0 Release Notes

New features

All Editors

  • Support of Private Rooms plugin (ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition 11.0 needed as well)
  • Possibility to gain access to some features of commercial versions Document Server


All Editors

  • Fixed opening zero-bytes files created with MS Office folder menu
  • Fixed an issue with opening long path files (Bug 45117)
  • Added ability to run an application with system title bar by –system-title-bar flag (Linux) (Bug 43189) (#271)
  • Fixed an unexpected application window behavior after presentation showing was ended (Bug 44968)
  • Fixed an unexpected application behavior after undocking window with presenter mode (Bug 45483)
  • Fixed an ability of resizing application windows on macOS (Bug 45135)
  • Fixed an issue with connecting to cloud servers if url contains spaces (Bug 42293)
  • Fixed an issue with restoring application window after some scenarios (Bug 45292)
  • Fixed a dialog window displaying while all application windows is closing (Bug 44974)
  • Fixed a window title scaling on HiDPI displays in some scenarios (Bug 45060)
  • Fixed a duplication of print button after undocking PDF-viewer window (Bug 45170)
  • Some translations in dialog windows was improved
  • Fixed a position of application window after printing operations was canceled (Bug 45003)
  • Fixed an issue with displaying artifacts on about page in some scenarios (Bug 44684)
  • Fixed an issue with displaying artifacts after installation on Windows 10 was finished (Bug 45089)
  • Fixed an issue with user name updating while document is opened (Bug 45254)
  • Added user name limitation in field (Bug 44742)
  • Fixed an issue with locking modal dialogs while print dialogue in opened and updocked (Bug 42791)
  • Fixed an editor tab position after window is attaching (Bug 44749)
  • Added custom title for Windows Apps entry in Add or Remove Programs
  • Fixed unexpected system rebooting after VSRedis installation
  • Fixed displaying of dialogue windows on some linux color schemes (Bug 31995)

Document Editor

  • Fixed in issue with autocolor feature for graphical objects in some DOCX user files (Bug 45460)
  • Fixed an issue with increasing font size in some DOCX user files (Bug 44852)
  • Fixed disabling undo/redo buttons after the documents comparing
  • Fixed incorrect displaying of some PDF user files (Bug 45336, Bug 39097, Bug 19078)
  • Fixed incorrect displaying of watermark on CJK languages (Bug 45886)
  • Fixed an export of some DOCX user files to PDF (Bug 45319)

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fixed invalid icon in cells border menu (Bug 45910)
  • Fixed an error with copy and past format table in some XLSX files (Bug 45731)
  • Fixed an error with format table creation in some XLSX files (Bug 45773)
  • Fixed an error with entering big data in last partially view cell (Bug 45653) (#903)
  • Fixed an appearance of color selection dialogue box for bullet lists (Bug 45417)

Presentation Editor

  • Fixed an appearance of color selection dialogue box for bullet lists (Bug 45417)


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