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Notepad++ 8.6.1 Feature und Bugfix Release

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Der kostenlose Editor Notepad++ erhielt das Update 8.6.1, dass 21 Fehler korrigiert und neue Funktionen bringt.

Notepad++ 8.6.1 Release Notes

  1. Updated to Scintilla 5.4.1 & Lexilla 5.3.0. (Implement #14375)
  2. Fix a regression: the position in the previous session is now restored correctly in cloned document. (Fix #14164)
  3. Fix a regression: customized extension in Style Configurator is now saved correctly. (Fix #14437)
  4. Add an ability (disableLineCopyCutDelete.xml) to disable line copy/cut/delete when no selection is made and also add back Shift-DEL & Ctrl-INS shortcuts. (Fix #14470refref))
  5. Add an ability (noColumnToMultiSelect.xml) to disable column mode to multi-select mode. (Fix #14464ref)
  6. Fix deleting in column mode also delete an unexpected EOL. (Fix #14426)
  7. Fix hidden results of long lines for Search results with “Find in…” commands. (Fix #12023)
  8. Enhance Search-results by showing search options for “Find in…” commands. (Fix #14306)
  9. Fix an issue: replacements are no longer duplicated (the 2nd time in cloned document) for “Replace in Opened Docs”. (Fix #14505)
  10. Fix a regression to make F3 & Shift-F3 work again in Incremental Search. (Fix #14503)
  11. Add document tab navigation commands: “First tab” & “Last tab”. (Fix #14416)
  12. Add document tab commands: “Move to Start” & “Move to End” commands. (Fix #9525#13982)
  13. 3 RTL new abilities: RTL per document, RTL per document remembered across the sessions & new attribute editZoneRTL=“no” in RTL localization files. (Fix #9665#9950#14385)
  14. Enhance the “-loadingTime” command line parameter. (Fix #14472)
  15. Enhance the performance: disable undo collection while loading a file. (Fix #14455)
  16. Sort language list in the Preferences dialog. (Fix #14245)
  17. Fix a visual glitch that occurred during multi-paste. (Fix #14410)
  18. Fix confusing memory allocation error message. (Fix #14418)
  19. Fix python wrong decorator attribute color. (Fix #5894)
  20. Fix file status in “other view” is not detected. (Fix #14225)
  21. Fix dropped file being opened in the wrong view. (Fix #14354)

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