Notepad++ 8.3.3 Bugfix und Enhanced Update

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Die Entwickler des freien Editor, Notepad++, haben das Update 8.3.3, veröffentlicht. Dies ist eine Verbesserung die Fehler aus der vorherigen Version behebt.

Notepad++ 8.3.3 Release Notes

  1. Fix crash regression on opening a session file. (Fix #11325#11365)
  2. Enhance stability: add new ability (plugin compatibility) for not loading incompatible plugins. (Fix #11349. Implement #11358#11338#11353)
  3. Fix deleting the folded line makes folded (hidden) content disappeared. (Fix #11246)
  4. Re-enable ability to center the Find Replace dialog on Notepad++ main window. (Implement #9201)
  5. Fix extension not appended issue while saving with ENTER under Windows 7. (Fix #11305#11355)
  6. Fix preferences dialog “Dark Mode->Customize tone” color pickers RTL alignment issue in dark mode. (Fix #11343)
  7. Fix disabled static texts of Preferences blurry issue in dark mode. (Fix #10823#11331)
  8. Add 4 API for custom auto-indentation and getting current macro status. (Implement #11253)
  9. Add new AutoComplete icon for distinguishing functions from normal keywords. (Implement #11311)
  10. Fix Plugin Admin close issue after typing ENTER. (Fix #11348)
  11. Show current and new version on update dialog. (Implement #19)

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