Nextcloud Talk Bugfix Release 15.0.3

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Die Videochatlösung für die Open-Source Cloud Nextcloud, Talk, erhielt das Bugfix Update 15.0.3. Dieses behebt einige Fehler und bringt neue Funktionen.

Nextcloud Talk 15.0.3 Release Notes

  • Allow autocompleting conversation names from the middle #8505
  • Call view not shown when rejoining a call in the file sidebar #8507
  • Fix leaving the call when switching to another conversation #8529
  • Don’t keep the session open longer than necessary when leaving and joining a conversation #8394
  • Enforce a length of the private JWT keys used for signaling in case libressl has 0 as default #8468
  • Remove webserver warning when in unknown state as it confuses admins #8512
  • Remove expired messages from API even when the background job did not execute #8523

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