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Nextcloud Talk App 7.0 veröffentlicht

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Für die Open-Source Cloudlösung, Nextcloud, wurde die Talk App zum führen von Videokonferenzen und Videochat aktualisiert. Die Version 7.0.0 ist für die Nextcloud Version 17 und noch als Instable beschrieben. Sie zeigt jedoch welche Änderungen bald in der Stable durchgeführt werden und so die Talk App verbessern und erweitern.

Nextcloud Talk App 7.0.0 Release Notes


  • Added a simple Lobby: moderators can join and prepare a call/meeting while users and guests can not join yet #1926
  • Add the file call functionality to the public sharing page #2107
  • Allow to mention guest users #1974
  • Added a voice level indicator and notify the user when they speak while they are muted #2016
  • Change the read marker to work based on the message ID and allow clients to set it manually #1214
  • Prepare the backend for replies to messages so the clients can implement it #2000
  • Allow to prevent guests from starting a call #2204
  • Update SimpleWebRTC to the latest version


  • Load newest chat messages first on joining a conversation #2206
  • You can now escape commands to show them to your chat partners by prepending a second slash (e.g. //help) #1919
  • One-to-one conversations are now only deleted if both users leave the conversation #1921
  • Use the guests name in notifications instead of the anonymous “A guest” string #2104


  • Allow to have file based calls in folders mounted by the groupfolders app #2012
  • Only list participants who joined the call in the call summary #2012
  • Participants in the participant list now offer the contacts menu #1822
  • Better UI feedback while moderator actions are performed #2117
  • Make sure the external signaling server is informed about the new state changes (read-only, lobby, etc.) #2103
  • Show a call summary for calls when there was no user #2177
  • Allow to mention the conversation by its name additionally to “all” #2198
  • Fix mentions with users that have a numeric only ID #2173
  • Enable camera and microphone access in the Nextcloud 17 feature policy #2073
  • Multiple Nextcloud 17 compatibility fixes


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