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Nextcloud Poll App 3.4.0 Update

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Die App Poll für die Nextcloud, wurde auf die Version 3.4.0 aktualisiert. Das Update bringt 4 neue Funktionen und behebt 8 Fehler. Nextcloud Polls 3.3.0 ist kompatibel mit den aktuellen Zweigen 21, 22 und 23 der Nextcloud.

Nextcloud Poll 3.4.0 Release Notes


  • Added an indicator for shares, which indicates, if a share already voted or not
  • Added an autoreminder
  • Added a hint, if no one except the poll owner can access the poll
  • Added an admin setting to change the updates polling behavior (Disabled, periodically or instant via long-polling)


  • Compatible with Nextcloud 21 – 23
  • Share tab redesign
    • Moved the ‘all users’ access setting as switch to the shares list
    • Polls with access for all users are now automatically relevant for all users
    • Removed the settings to ‘access all admins’ edit rights (in favor for granting individual edit rights, introduced in Polls 3.2). An existing setting will still be valid and can be removed
    • Combine all shares into one list
    • Registration options for public polls are now configurable per public share. An existing setting from the poll configuration will be used as default


  • Fixed auto archiver, to prevent to archive polls without an expiration date
  • [compatibility] – Compatible with Nextcloud 23
  • [change] #2076 – Share tab redesign
  • [new] #1305 – Added participation indicator in effective shares list (#2037)
  • [new] #656 – Add autoreminder job (#2039)
  • [change] #2038 – validate token in router and reroute before entering public page
  • [fix] #2055 – do not archive polls without expiration automatically
  • [change] #2029 – Configure update polling (#2060)

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