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Nextcloud Mail App Update 3.3.0 veröffentlicht

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Die Mail App der Open-Source Cloudlösung Nextcloud erhielt das Update 3.3.0. Dieses behebt Fehler bringt aber auch einige Neuerungen. Details dazu in den Release Notes.

Nextcloud App Mail 3.3.0 Release Notes


  • Allow a configurable background sync interval
  • Send multiple flags in a single request
  • Complete moving OAuth access token into a dedicated column
  • Use proper json response for getDkim
  • Validate dkim signature for one click unsubscribe
  • Set app name for mail
  • Rework draft handling front-end
  • Support for selecting messages with crtl key
  • Notification for quota depletion
  • Match recipient labels too
  • Use case-independent wildcard matches for recipients
  • Reduce number of STATUS commands for background mailbox sync
  • Title to account settings modal


  • Update interface to match implementation
  • Truncate email addresses that are more than 244 characters long
  • Ignore no select mailboxes for MYRIGHTS
  • Ignore non existent mailboxes
  • DB-Query for open drafts
  • Check strict cookies for image proxy
  • Set primary key in first migration
  • Add arial-label to NcActionButtons without text
  • Calendar import popup
  • Version on package lock
  • Allow dynamic autoloading for classes added during upgrade
  • Re-open account settings
  • Overlapping of primary menu with recipient
  • The editing state of the go back button
  • URL-encode all parameters to preserve special characters
  • Make nested toolbar working for signature
  • Fix force sending emails
  • Make system address book searchable not just full matches
  • Add preview enhancement job to new accounts joblist
  • Provisioning config caching
  • Mailboxes not being synced due to short circuiting
  • Handle attachments without transfer encoding properly
  • Account settings modal close button
  • Alignment for settings buttons and it’s icons
  • Add image proxy rate limit
  • Add native picker for send later
  • Convert drafts to outbox messages before sending
  • Harden outbox/draft message retrieval of shared storage
  • Reply to sender only
  • Lost update between last draft and sending a message
  • Modal settings when autoresponder is on
  • Rate limit auto config attempts


  • Ethical AI rating

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