Nextcloud Mail App 1.8.0 Bugfix Release

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Die Mail App für die Open-Source Cloudlösung, Nextcloud, erhielt das Update 1.8.0. Das Update steht für die Nextcloud Zweige 20 und 21 seit wenigen Tagen bereit und behebt 11 Fehler, fügt 6 neue Funktionen hinzu und ändert 4 Optionen.

Nextcloud Mail App 1.8.0 Release Notes


  • Drag and drop
  • Remember trusted senders
  • Message delivery notification
  • Unread mail dashboard widget
  • Forward original attachments
  • Possibility to add multiple files as attachments


  • Account settings moved to modal
  • Hide “All inboxes” if only one account is set up
  • Improve the ckeditor list plugin
  • Automatically sync mailbox on opening


  • Always show Mail search results first
  • Improve reply button icon styling
  • Saving signature problems
  • Layout issue for header
  • Deleted drafts
  • The route for “Register as application for mail links”
  • Make links highlighted in the ckeditor
  • Show sender in avatar header in all screen sizes
  • The Dark theme on small screen
  • Improve defaults layout
  • Use consistent input vector size for the importance classifier


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