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AIDE Host Based Intrusion Detection Tool Release 0.17

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Das Sicherheitstool “Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment” (AIDE) ist ein kleines Tool, dass eine Datenbank über konfigurierte Dateien und Verzeichnisse erstellt, anhand derer sich dann Veränderungen an diesen Dateien und Verzeichnissen prüfen lassen um so mögliche Schadsoftware und Eindringlinge festzustellen.

Der Hauptentwickler, der immer sehr aktiv im Support ist, Hannes von Haugwitz, hat nun das neue Release 0.17 veröffentlicht.

Achtung die Version 0.17 bringt einige Änderungen mit sich, die alte Konfigurationen inkompatibel machen. Also vor dem Update in die Konfig schauen und anpassen.

AIDE 0.17 Release News

    - '--verbose' command line option and 'verbose' config option are no
      longer supported, use 'log_level' and 'report_level' options instead
    - '--report' command line option is no longer supported, use
      'report_url' config option instead
    - 'ignore_list' config option is no longer supported, use
      'report_ignore_changed_attrs' instead
    - 'report_attributes' config option is no longer supported, use
      'report_force_attrs' instead
    - (restricted) regular rules must start with literal '/', i.e. the rule
      cannot begin with a macro variable
    - config lines must end with new line
    - '@' and ' ' in the configuration are now escaped with '\', that means
      to match a '\' you have to use four backslashes '\\\\' in your rules
    - 'gzip_dbout=false' fails now with config error when no zlib support
      is compiled in
    - remove '--with-initial-errors' configure option
    - remove PostgreSQL database backend support
    - remove Sun ACL support
    - remove config and database signing support
* Enhancements:
    - add new '--log-level' command line option and 'log_level' config option
    - introduce named log levels
    - add new 'report' log level to help to debug rule matching
    - add new 'config' log level to help to debug config and rule parsing
    - aad new '--dry-init' command
    - add new '--path-check' command
    - add directory support for @@include
    - add new @@x_include config macro
    - add new @@x_include_setenv config macro
    - add new default compound group 'H' (all compiled-in hashsums)
    - add support for per-report_url options
    - add new 'report_level' config option
    - add new 'report_append' config option
    - add exit code 21 for file lock errors
    - add default config values, available hashsums and compound groups
      to '--version' output
    - add Linux capabilities support
    - show changed attributes in 'different attributes' message
    - enable 'gost' and 'whirlpool' checksums when using gcrypt
    - add 'stribog256' and 'stribog512' gcrypt algorithms
    - add config file names to log output
* Miscellaneous behaviour changes:
    - 'report_summarize_changes': hashsum changes are now indicated with 'H'
    - print '--help' and '--verion' output to stdout
    - log messages and errors are always written to stderr
    - initialise report URLs after configuration parsing
    - allow empty values for macro variables
    - SIGUSR1 now toggles debug log level
    - fail on errors in regular expressions during config parsing
    - fail on invalid URLs during config check
    - Fail on double slash in rule path
    - cache log lines when 'log_level' is not yet set
* Deprecations:
    - 'database' config option is now deprecated, use 'database_in' instead
    - 'summarize_changes' config option is now deprecated, use
      'report_summarize_changes' instead
    - 'grouped' config option is now deprecated, use 'report_grouped'
    - non-alphanumeric group names are deprecated
* Notable bug fixes:
   - fix line numbers in log messages
   - remove warning when input database is '/dev/null'
   - correctly handle UTF-8 in path names and rules
   - fix compilation with curl and gcrypt
   - warn on unsupported hash algorithms
   - improve large-file support
* Build system changes:
    - require C99 compatible compiler
    - require pkg-config
    - '--disable-default-db configure option disables default database values
    - '--without-config' configure option now disables default config file
* Remove obsolete script
* Remove outdated example aide.conf and manual.html
* Fix compiler warnings
* Update documentation
* Minor bug fixes
* Code clean up


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