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Nextcloud Kalender App Version 1.5.3

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Die Kalender App für Nextcloud wurde am 21. Mai aktualisiert und steht in Version 1.5.3 bereit. 4 Features sind hinzugekommen während 18 Fehler behoben wurden.

Nextcloud Kalender App 1.5.3 Release Notes


  • allow editing props of shared calendars (Nextcloud 12 and above only) #406
  • add avatar to sharing list #207
  • effort to get rid of adblocker issues #417
  • color weekends slightly darker #430


  • fix visual deletion of user shares #378
  • make sure the user can not set the end to something earlier than the start #11
  • increased font-size of calendar-view #166
  • sanitize missing VALUE=DATE when parsing ics data #376
  • fix visibility of import progressbar #423
  • properly display errors when querying events failed #359
  • increase ending time by an hour also when clicking on disabled time-input #438
  • improve visibility of vertical calendar grid #314
  • hide sharing actions for sharees (Nextcloud 12 and above only) #432
  • allow clicking on disabled time-input in sidebar (only affected Firefox) #388
  • fixed issue with chinese characters showing up in estonian language #264
  • fixed handling of Recurrence-ID #142
  • fixed and unified timepicker layout in editor popover and editor sidebar #72
  • improved visibility of current-day color #395
  • fix issue with too long webcal urls #325
  • show proper empty content view for non-existing public calendar links #240
  • refactored public calendar links page #243
  • fixed position of mobile menu on public calendar link page #248

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