Nextcloud Desktop Client 3.6.1 Bugfix Release

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Der kostenlose Desktoplient für die Open-Source Cloudlösung Nextcloud erhielt das Update 3.6.1. Das Update behebt ca. 28 Fehler.

Nextcloud Desktopclient 3.6.1 Release Notes

  • desktop#4907 [stable-3.6] Fix wrong estimated time when doing sync.
  • desktop#4908 [stable-3.6] Bugfix/selective sync abort error
  • desktop#4922 [stable-3.6] Bugfix/conflict resolution when selecting folder
  • desktop#4923 [stable-3.6] Fix menu bar height calculation on macOS
  • desktop#4926 [stable-3.6] Fix add account window text clipping, enlarge text
  • desktop#4928 [stable-3.6] Accept valid lsColJob reply XML content types
  • desktop#4934 [stable-3.6] Fix low-resolution file changed overlay icons in activities
  • desktop#4941 [stable-3.6] Deallocate call notification dialog objects when closed
  • desktop#4943 [stable-3.6] Ensure that the file being processed has had its etag properly sanitised, log etag more
  • desktop#4973 [stable-3.6] Ensure strings in main window QML are presented as plain text and not HTML
  • desktop#4974 [stable-3.6] Do not format text in QML components as HTML
  • desktop#4978 [stable-3.6] Fix two factor authentication notification
  • desktop#5000 [stable-3.6] Bring back .lnk files on Windows and always treat them as non-virtual files.
  • desktop#5006 [stable-3.6] Fix ‘Reply’ primary property.
  • desktop#5020 [stable-3.6] Update after tx migrate
  • desktop#5030 [stable-3.6] Command-line client. Do not trust SSL certificates by default, unless ‘–trust’ option is set.
  • desktop#5037 [stable-3.6] Fix invisible user status selector button not being checked when user is in Offline mode
  • desktop#5048 [stable-3.6] Fix link shares default expire date being enforced as maximum expire date even when maximum date enforcement is disabled on the server
  • desktop#5052 Backport/4989/stable 3.6
  • desktop#5053 [stable-3.6] use correct version copmparison on NSIS updater: fix update from rc
  • desktop#5054 Improve ‘Handle local file editing’ feature. Add loading popup. Add f…
  • desktop#5055 Backport/5039/bugfix/check token for edit locally requests
  • desktop#5056 Fix account not found when doing local file editing.
  • desktop#5057 Fix two factor auth notification: activity item was disabled.
  • desktop#5058 [stable-3.6] Fix predefined status text formatting
  • desktop#5059 [stable-3.6] Fix sync progress bar colours in dark mode
  • desktop#5061 [stable-3.6] Improve handling of file name clashes
  • desktop#5063 [stable-3.6] Ensure placeholder message in emoji picker wraps correctly

Quelle: Release Release 3.6.1 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

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