Nextcloud App Talk 5.0.1

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Die Entwickler der Nextcloud App Talk, haben die neue Version 5.0.1 der Open-Source Cloudlösung, veröffentlicht. Talk ermögilcht die Nutzung von Video und Audio Konferenz mit anderen Teilnehmer in der Nextcloud.

Nextcloud App Talk 5.0.1 Release Notes


  • Show autocompletion as soon as “@” is typed #1483


  • Fix parse error on PHP 7.0 #1493
  • Add global Content Security Policy for signaling servers #1462
  • Shared file messages show the name of the file as seen by the owner instead of by the current user #1487
  • Multiple fixes for dark-theme #1494 #1472 #1486
  • Do not show room names when the user is not part of it #1497 #1495
  • Fix page title not updated when room name is updated #1468
  • Reduce the number of loaded JS and CSS files #1491
  • Always use white icons for conversation images (also in dark-theme) #1463
  • Fix submit button in public share authentication page #1481


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