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Mozilla Thunderbird Security und Bugfix Release 102.5.1

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Der kostenlose Mailclient für Windows, macOS und Linux Thunderbird ist in Version 102.5.1 erschienen. Das kleinere Update schließt eine Sicherheitslücke die als moderate eingestuft wurde, führt Änderungen an der Mail extension API durch und behebt 2 Fehler.

Thunderbird 102.5.1 Security Fixes

Quelle: Security Vulnerabilities fixed in Thunderbird 102.5.1 — Mozilla
#CVE-2022-45414: Quoting from an HTML email with certain tags will trigger network requests and load remote content, regardless of a configuration to block remote content

Reporter Sarah Jamie Lewis
Impact moderate


If a Thunderbird user quoted from an HTML email, for example by replying to the email, and the email contained either a VIDEO tag with the POSTER attribute or an OBJECT tag with a DATA attribute, a network request to the referenced remote URL was performed, regardless of a configuration to block remote content. An image loaded from the POSTER attribute was shown in the composer window. These issues could have given an attacker additional capabilities when targetting releases that did not yet have a fix for CVE-2022-3033 which was reported around three months ago.


Thunderbird 102.5.1 Bugfixes



  • “Copy to again” menu item was not present after copying message to folder with Unicode name on Unicode-enabled IMAP server
  • Calendar date picker was displayed behind “Send Later” window

Quelle: Thunderbird — Release Notes (102.5.1) — Thunderbird

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