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Die Entwickler des Wiki, MediaWiki, haben vor wenigen Tagen das Ende des Supportes der Version 1.32 bekanntgegeben. MediaWiki 1.32 erhält ab sofort keine Bugfixes und Security Updates mehr. Ein Upgrade wird daher umgehen angeraten.

MediaWiki 1.32 EoL Notes

As per the MediaWiki version life cycle [1], I would like to announce the
formal end of life (EOL) of MediaWiki 1.32 as of tomorrow, Friday January
24, 2019.

This means that MediaWiki 1.32 will no longer receive maintenance or
security backports. It is therefore strongly discouraged that you continue
to use it.

It is recommended to upgrade to MediaWiki 1.34 (due to become EOL in
November 2020), or less preferably to MediaWiki 1.33 (due to become EOL in
June 2020). The current Long Term Support (LTS) version of MediaWiki,
MediaWiki 1.31, is older (and downgrading is not supported), though the
next LTS (MediaWiki 1.35) is due to be released in June 2020, and will be
supported until June 2023.

MediaWiki 1.33 has the same supported PHP version of 7.0 (which is itself
unsupported upstream), in case you need longer to upgrade your systems.
MediaWiki 1.34 requires PHP 7.2.9 or later.

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