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MariaDB 10.11.3 Security und Bugfix Release

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Das Open-Source Datenbanksystem und Fork von MySQL, MariaDB CE wurde vor kurzem in der Version 10.11.3 veröffentlicht. Das Update behebt Fehler im Bereich InnoDB, Backup, Replication, Docker und weitere. Zudem wird eine Sicherheitslücke geschlossen: CVE-2022-47015 (DoS in spider_db_mbase::print_warnings)

MariaDB 10.11.3 Release Notes


  • Crash on ROLLBACK in a ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED table (MDEV-30882)
  • UNIQUE USING HASH accepts duplicate entries for tricky collations (MDEV-30034)
  • rec_get_offsets() is not optimal (MDEV-30567)
  • Performance regression in fil_space_t::try_to_close() introduced in MDEV-23855 (MDEV-30775)
  • InnoDB recovery hangs when buffer pool ran out of memory (MDEV-30551)
  • InnoDB undo log truncation fails to wait for purge of history (MDEV-30671
  • MariaDB crash due to DB_FAIL reported for a corrupted page (MDEV-30397)
  • Deadlock between INSERT and InnoDB non-persistent statistics update (MDEV-30638)
  • InnoDB hang on B-tree split or merge (MDEV-29835)
  • Performance regression in locking reads from secondary indexes (MDEV-30357)
  • Improve adaptive flushing (MDEV-26055)
  • Make page flushing even faster (MDEV-26827)
  • Purge misses a chance to free not-yet-reused undo pages (MDEV-29593)
  • InnoDB temporary tablespace: reclaiming of free space does not work (MDEV-26782)
  • Deadlock between CHECK TABLE and bulk insert (MDEV-30798)
  • UPPER() returns an empty string for U+0251 in uca1400 collations for utf8 (MDEV-30661)
  • System-wide max transaction id corrupted after changing the undo tablespaces (MDEV-30311)


  • mariadb-backup doesn’t utilise innodb-undo-log-directory (if specified as a relative path) during copy-back operation (MDEV-28187)
  • mariabackup issues error messages during InnoDB tablespaces export on partial backup preparing (MDEV-29050)
  • mariadb-backup does not copy Aria logs if aria_log_dir_path is used (MDEV-30968)
  • Race condition between buffer pool flush and log file deletion in mariadb-backup –prepare (MDEV-30860)


  • Fixed a deadlock on parallel slave involving full image Write event on the sequence engine (MDEV-29621)
  • Fixed an attempted out-of-order binlogging error on slave involving ALTER on the sequence engine (MDEV-31077)
  • Corrected non-versioned master to versioned slave replication on no-unique attribute table (MDEV-30430)
  • Mended encrypted binlog master to error out to gtid-mode slave when master could not decrypt a binlog file (MDEV-28798)
  • Refined optimistic parallel slave to error-exit without any hang (MDEV-30780)
  • Ensured SHOW-SLAVE-STATUS is processed on the parallel slave having a necessary mutex always intialized (MDEV-30620)
  • Fixed the slave applier to report a correct error when gtid_slave_pos insert fails for some (engine) reasons (MDEV-31038)
  • Made parallel slave reports in performance schema consistent with that of show-slave-status (MDEV-26071)


  • Add replication setup to containers contributed by Md Sahil (MDEV-29762)
  • Added LTS tags for easier identification of LTS releases:
    • 10-lts-jammy
    • lts-jammy
    • 10-lts
    • latest-lts




For a complete list of changes made in MariaDB 10.11.3, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.

Quelle: MariaDB 10.11.3 Release Notes – MariaDB Knowledge Base

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