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i-MSCP – neues Maintenance Release 1.2.10

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Die Entwickler des beliebten OpenSource internet-Multi-Server-Control-Panel (i-MSCP), haben das neue Maintenance Release 1.2.10 freigegeben.

folgende Bugs wurden behoben:


  • Fixed: 404 error on user statistics page (reseller level)
  • Fixed: Wrong issue tracker links in admin/database_update.php


  • Fixed: Could not restore domain (undefined variable)
  • Fixed: Missing parameter for onLoadTemplate event (imscp.cnf)


  • #IP-1386 Length of password generator is hardcoded
  • #IP-1388 phptmp removed on client update
  • #IP-1391 imscp_panel service can fail to start/restart when the APCU PHP extension is installed
  • #IP-1393 Unable to disable backup feature for existing domains
  • #IP-1394 httpd-logs-mngr starts before mysql.server started
  • #IP-1396 Deletion of a subdomain which has ‘/’ as mount point deletes all web folders
  • #IP-1401 Courier pop3-ssl and imap-ssl don’t work with Windows 10
  • #IP-1406 File not found – false error template
  • #IP-1417 When changing hostname using the panel_hostname reconfiguration option, The SSL dialog should be triggered
  • #IP-1452 pTemplate – reset static variable $_root_dir in /client/cert_view.php


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